Medical Students at Linden Medical Group

We now have 3rd year medical students from Leicester Medical School on placement at Linden Medical Group. Each student will be with us for between 5 and 12 weeks. This is to enhance consultation skills, general medical knowledge and to gain understanding and appreciation of General Practice and community based medical care.

This as an important way in which we can contribute to training future doctors and GPs, and help address the shortage of GPs.

The involvement of patients in medical student training is absolutely vital, and we are very appreciative of your understanding and help in this way. It’s very important that students learn how to communicate well with patients and understand things from a patient’s perspective.

Whilst on placement here, medical students are part of the primary care team and will be involved in meetings, observing consultations, home visits, carrying out part or all of a consultation in addition to the supervising nurse or doctor, learning from consultations with patients that are videoed and carrying out quality improvement projects. Students are expected to maintain the same degree of professionalism and confidentiality as all medical professionals.

Reception will notify you at the time of booking your appointment if a medical student will be present. If for any reason you do not want a student to be present during your consultation, you should notify the reception of this when booking an appointment so that appropriate arrangements can be made.

Many thanks for your support.