The results speak for themselves!

Did you know that every year NHS England run a GP Patient Survey for patients aged 16+ registered with a GP practice in England? We’ve been looking at the results for the 2020 survey from patients registered here and comparing them with last years – after all the only way to know if we are meeting patients’ needs is to listen to them.

More people are speaking to their pharmacist and trying over the counter medication first before contacting their GP which is recommended for many conditions so that’s great.

More people are now…

  • Finding it easy to get through by phone;
  • Utilising the online functions such as ordering medication and making appointments (appointments currently disabled due to the Coronavirus pandemic);
  • Finding the website easy to use and obtain information required;
  • Satisfied with the appointment times available to them;
  • Satisfied with the type of appointments offered to them;
  • Having an overall good experience.

For stats lovers who like more detail…

89% of patients find our receptionists helpful, which is the same as the national average and above the local average.

75% of patients were satisfied with the type of appointments available to them, which is above both the local and national average.

99% of patients took the appointment they were offered, which is above both the local and national average.

95% of patients were involved as much as they wanted to be in decisions about their care and treatment during their last general practice appointment, which is above both the local and national average.

For the last 3 years patients have found the experience consistently good with how much time given to them by their healthcare professional, and how well they were listened to. In fact, 98% of our patients over the last 3 years have felt confidence and trust in the healthcare professionals they have spoken to (the highest in our local Clinical Commissioning Group); and 98% felt their needs were met in their initial appointment (97% for the 2 years prior).

We are very pleased with these results and would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey. We have a Patient Participation Group who (usually) meet regularly and discuss practice news and procedures. If you would like to register to be part of our ‘Virtual Patient Participation Group’ to receive practice news via email please visit